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Goodbye Mrs. Henson

I found out this morning that Jane Neble Henson just past away at the age of 78.

She was his creative partner, collaborating with him from the very beginning of his career. Writes Tough Pigs, “While Jim was quietly revolutionizing TV puppetry and advertising [with Sam and Friends and his famous Wilkins Coffee ads], Jane was right there beside him. She was history’s second-ever Muppeteer.”

I’ve been a fan of The Muppets since I was very small. I have many fond memories of the characters and I am sad to see another person who was so involved with this wonderful creation go. And like Jim Henson,Jerry Juhl, Richard Hunt, and Jerry Nelson I shall miss her very much.

My condolences and sympathy goes out to the entire Henson family and the Muppet family.

(Source: The Mary Sue)

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